How to Start a Small Group and Make it Last

Small Groups are the future of the Church.

Despite their regular Sunday Mass attendance, many Catholics feel that there is something missing, they want to go deeper. With our parishes being so large it's often difficult to make friends and build strong Catholic relationships which are so important for building each other up. So they'll go on a weekend retreat to rekindle their faith, but a few weeks later they find that the flame has dwindled once again. I know exactly how this feel, because I've been there myself.

The solution to this problem is small groups, five to ten fellow pilgrims on the journey of faith coming together on a regular basis to pray, fellowship, and maintain the fire of faith burning within them.

My wife and I learned quickly that we needed a group of like-minded people of faith to walk with. So we started a small group in our home. That might sound like a huge commitment, but it doesn't have to be. And in this short course I sit down with my good friend and brother Christ Mr. Jess Flores to discuss the ins and outs of small groups.

I'll begin the workshop by explaining why I think small groups are absolutely essential for Catholics in the modern world. Then you'll see the two part sit-down interview I had with Jess Flores where we talk everything is to know about small groups. Jess has been facilitating small group in his home for four years and he peels back the curtain to provide valuable insights into how small groups function and why they are so powerful. I'm even including a bonus video tour of Jess's "Upper Room" and a free downloads of the resources he uses for his small group which has been going for almost five years now!

To cap it off you'll get a downloadable copy of my Small Group Starter Guide, which I designed specifically to help people like you figure out how to start a small group and keep it going. After this workshop you'll be on the fast track to facilitating your own small group.

"Honestly, I don’t even feel qualified to leave you an endorsement. You did a fantastic job and I love the module type format. Easy to understand language. Easy to navigate. I love the questions and practical, everyday way to look and go about things. Even a simple minded guy like me could figure it out!"

- Jess Flores, Small Group Facilitator


"For this reason, I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands."

— 2 TIMOTHY 1:6 —

Your Facilitator

Ricky Jones
Ricky Jones

My name is Ricky Jones and I am a husband to an amazing woman and father to three young boys. We currently make our home in beautiful southern Utah.

Though I am a Catholic now, I was not born or raised in the Christian faith. It was in my early twenties that I was first introduced to God through the lived example of my wife and in-laws. Soon after I felt God tugging at my heart and He led me into the arms of the Church through the waters of baptism on July 13, 2008.

My relationship with God has transformed my life and I no longer live for myself, but for the Lord. This has been made manifest through my response to His call to preach and to teach as a catechist and parish leader. For five years I served as a catechist and as the Coordinator of Family Catechesis equipping young parents with a knowledge of faith to be able to go home and share their faith in a natural, organic way with their children. Now I put my talents to use by helping Catholics to take their faith seriously and deepen their relationship with God.

"Jess and Ricky do an excellent job of giving an example of how it is to start a small Catholic community. Very approachable as you don't use $25 words or intimidating theological rationales. I find the videos very inviting and the directions for how to get started very practical and simple."

- Dr. José Cárdenas, Catechist and Small Group Facilitator

"This workshop is easy to watch, shows you how simple it is to start a community and gives you the confidence to do it. The tools it shows you are amazing."

- Sandra Garnica, Certified Catechist

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